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Our attention to detail and unrivalled customer service ensures your ideas are planned, designed, manufactured and installed by experts, giving you peace of mind throughout. Our efficient team is all on hand to help with any related queries you may have. We believe in providing high-end glazing solutions for different clients wanting windows and doors with some of the best possible specifications and innovative designs.

Every aluminium product crafted at Facade meets virtually any specification and client requirement, including meeting the Building Regulations for energy efficiency, ventilation, or accessibility. At the same time, our systems are rigorously tested to the latest security, weather performance, insulation and acoustic standards.

Facade Service

The curtain wall means that the panels are assembled by various components of the curtain wall in the factory and later delivered to the site.


A semi-unitized curtain wall system is where the primary structural framing components are erected individually as an erector set.


Spider glazing systems are non-structural systems used for the external walls of buildings to.

What We Offer

No matter what quantity you order one aluminium window/door or thousands, we’ll customize the perfect aluminium windows and doors solution for you.


Our professional team ensure top-notch quality goes into the premium aluminium product fabrication process at every step.


Each product is individually packed to eliminate the chances of damage during transit and is delivered as per the agreed delivery schedule.


Our expert installation team takes care of even minute disorientations and assures flawless installation of systems.

Facade aluminium systems offer the highest level of quality and security. Their classic lines are the perfect complement to the contemporary architectural style. The fascinating attributes of these aluminium elements are their excellent fitness for use, even under extreme loads, and their assured perfect functionality at all times.varius scelerisque.

Facade aluminium elements are timeless, individual, and highly convincing with many positive properties. The profiles are extremely durable and require only low maintenance over their long service lives. Moreover, aluminium elements are non-flammable, colourfast, and 100% recyclable. Thanks to their high stability and excellent load-bearing capacity, aluminium elements can be produced in extraordinary sizes and with various glass options.